"Where love is deep, much can be accomplished"

~Shinichi Suzuki
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Gail Gebhart

Gail Gebhart is a piano teacher with heart. Her passion is bringing beautiful music into the homes of the children she teaches, inspiring them not only to love music but to think critically, emote and be creative. 

Using the Suzuki Method, Gail loves bringing out each child’s inner musician, helping them realize their full potential. Her lessons are serious yet fun; proper technique is always emphasized. She truly believes that through piano, her students learn the skills of problem solving and goal setting while developing a strong sense of achievement. 

In addition, she builds relationships with parents, using piano as the vehicle to facilitate a deeper bond between parent and child as they learn, practice and grow in musical ability. 

Music is Gail’s life-long love, having started lessons herself at age 8. 

She has a private studio in Farmington Hills, Michigan and also is on faculty at Wayne State University in Detroit, where she teaches private and class piano. She holds degrees from the University of Michigan and Wayne State University and became a piano Teacher Trainer for the Suzuki Association of the Americans in 2016. 

Click the Contact link about or email me at gail@gebhartpianostudio.com to inquire about lessons.

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SAA is fortunate to count Gail Gebhart among its new Suzuki piano trainers.  Along with her wealth of teaching experience, Gail brings very strong performing skills and an extensive piano background.  She will ably continue the SAA tradition of offering excellent courses in Suzuki piano pedagogy.  With fellow teachers as well as with her students, Gail is proactive while at the same time a discerning and empathetic listener.  Her ability to relate to others is exceptional.
Gail Lange

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