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Where do I buy a piano?

Where is a good website to find out about buying a new or used piano?

This one is the best! piano

Maintenance of my piano

  • Keep the piano clean and free of dust.
  • Wash your hands before playing.
  • Keep food and drink away from the instrument.

Tuning my piano

  • Every piano, regardless of its use or location, should be tuned a minimum of twice a year. Pianos that receive more use should receive more frequent, regular tuning.
  • Voicing may be required to control the way the string vibrates to create the piano’s tone quality.
  • Regulation will make sure that the piano action works correctly and uniformly.

Room temperature of my piano

  • The temperature in the piano room should be kept consistent. Excessive variations in temperature should be avoided.
  • Relative humidity should be kept as constant as possible. Air that is too dry or too moist is hard on pianos as well as humans.
  • In a well-insulated home, it is permissible to place the piano along an outside wail. Allow a four-to six-inch air space between the piano back and the wall. This will keep a constant temperature on both sides of the soundboard and also prevent a muffled tone. Otherwise place the piano on an inside wall.
  • Locate the piano away from heating and cooling ducts. This also applies to hot water radiators and radiant-heat installations.
  • Keep the piano out of direct drafts from any source.
  • Try to locate the piano away from the direct rays of the sun. Direct sunlight will cause the piano finish to deteriorate before its time. It will also have a negative effect on tunings and various mechanical parts.

For more information about pianos and piano maintenance visit the Piano Technicians Guild.  They have great information about how a piano works, piano diagrams and piano facts.

Piano Education Website– Another website with a lot of good information!

Do I need an adjustable bench? footstools?

No. You will however need a way to seat your child high enough on the bench and find a way to support their feet at proper height.

Some suggestions for home made benches and footstools:

  • Raising bench height:  stack small carpet samples to proper height (adjustable as child grows), stack very large books, stack bench length and width wooden boards and cover with a towel
  • Foot stools: make your own from wood and 2×4’s, stack large books, use 12 or 24 pack soda/pop cans

Some suggestions for purchasing benches and footstools:

Where can I get the Suzuki materials?

Book and CD

Digital downloads

  • iTunes store:  search Seizo Azuma
  • Digital download at Amazon



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