Suzuki Piano Lessons

Ellie at the pianoWhen is a good time to start my child in Suzuki piano lessons?

Ideally, between 3 and 6 years of age.

Do I need a piano to take lessons?

Yes, an acoustic or high-quality digital piano is necessary to begin lessons.

Can all my children come to lessons?

  • Only if they are quiet
  • Only if they do not distract either the parent or child taking the lesson
  • Bring a variety of quiet activities for them
  • If children cannot be quiet and not interrupt the lesson, make other arrangements for them during lesson time

How long will my child take lessons?

  • At least until they finish high school
  • Suzuki lessons are a long term commitment
  • Goal is life long learning

What is a group class?

  • Integral part of piano study
  • Monthly opportunity for students perform
  • Music theory, history and performance etiquette
  • Fun and engaging musical activities
  • Make piano friends
  • Build musical community

What do you do in group class?

  • Have fun with music
  • Perform repertoire
  • Review repertoire
  • Build musical skills through group activities
  • Learning beyond individual lessons

What is Parents as Partners?

  • Online video forum
  • Parents can view discussion of wide variety of educational topics
  • Click here to find out more information

What is a summer institute?

  • 4-5 day music retreat for Suzuki families
  • Often held on a college campus
  • Child has a group master class, repertoire class and musicianship every day
  • Parents have discussion group about a variety of topics relating to Suzuki study
  • Access to excellent teachers
  • Exciting, stimulating, inspirational
  • Click here to view all the Suzuki institutes you can attend this year

What is a parent workshop?

  • Workshop held yearly
  • Outstanding Suzuki clinician
  • Usually one day long with shared meal
  • Grow understanding of Suzuki musical study




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