Tuition 2020-2021

  • Total yearly fee includes 34 weekly private lessons plus group class fee.
  • Tuition will be divided into 9 equal monthly payments, beginning September and ending in May
  • Payments are due on the 1st of each month.
  • Two payment options:
    • Payment  online through PayPal, Venmo
    • Check


  • Attend initial interview before your child begins lessons.
  • Arrangements can be made directly with Gail.

Attendance Policy

  • Your lesson time is reserved exclusively for you. It is expected that your child’s music study will have priority during that time.
  • Make up lessons at the discretion of the instructor
  • Lessons missed by the teacher will be credited to your account or rescheduled
  • If you have difficulty with keeping a lesson time due to conflicts with school activities or other events, please contact one of the other students on the calendar and switch lesson times.  Notify Gail of the switch

Studio Etiquette during Coronavirus

  • Virtual lessons
  • Please use a microphone if possible
  • Prepare child before beginning the lesson
  • No eating or snacks during lesson
  • Make arrangements for pets or other children if possible
  • Be prepared to assist child with hand position, posture, understanding instructions, implementing requests during the lesson
  • Take notes as usual

Studio Etiquette(normal circumstances)

  • Remove shoes at front door
  • Wash hands before lesson
  • Food and drinks remain in the car
  • Cell phones and iPads used only for note taking or video of lesson, (except doctors on call)
  • Vomiting, feverish or visibly ill children stay home
  • Siblings attend only if provided activities to keep them occupied
  • Please park in the driveway or in guest parking, not on the street


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