Suzuki Teacher Training

What is Suzuki teacher training?

  • In depth pedagogical study of teaching, especially of Suzuki piano repertoire
  • Thorough coverage of all elements of teaching and managing a studio
  • Observation of master teachers teaching students
  • Discussion of teaching techniques including when and how to apply them
  • Only systematic, detailed, thorough pedagogical training available anywhere
  • More comprehensive, in-depth, hands-on, how-to than university study

What does Suzuki teacher training offer me?

  • How to teach every child how to play piano beautifully
  • Thorough understanding of teaching piano at any level
  • New insights into your own piano technique
  • Observation and detailed discussion of live teaching with a master teacher
  • Many, many teaching ideas to use with students
  • How to help students develop their abilities to the highest level
  • Specific pedagogical breakdown of important details in teaching repertoire
  • Cumulative learning techniques lthrough repertoire
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of yourself as a teacher and musician
  • How to manage parents, money, studio issues
  • Supportive teaching community that actually shares ideas and techniques
  • Access to Suzuki community, conferences, institutes, teacher discussions, parent education

What does Suzuki Unit training mean?

  • Concentrated, in-depth study of one book of Suzuki repertoire
  • Classroom study including lecture and demonstration
  • Guided observation of student lessons

What is observation?

  • Watching a student lesson taught by a master teacher
  • Guided observation of teaching techniques and tools
  • Written commentary/forms submitted and read by teacher trainer
  • Detailed comments given to expand understanding of concepts

How do I take notes?

  • Paper notebook or laptop computer
  • Teacher trainer will give guidelines about content

What are the requirements to register for training?

How much does teacher training cost?

Are there any scholarships for training?

How long are the training classes?

Where are training classes located?

What is SAA?

The Suzuki Association of the Americas

  • non-profit organization
  • North, South and Central America
  • goal is to make music education available to all children
  • central hub for Suzuki teachers, parents, educators
  • teacher development, scholarships, journal, job postings, conferences, retreats, workshop
  • online resources, discussion, publications
  • More about the SAA 

Who can join the SAA?

You! Learn more about joining here 



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