Music theory is the fundamentals of all music. The links below will give you an opportunity to explore chords, scales, arpeggios, harmony/melody and rhythm.

Teoria – This website has many useful tools.

One Minute Music Lessons – This website has many useful resources for parents who want to know more about note reading or music theory concepts.

MusicTheory.Net – Another good website for exercises and tutorials

  • Exercises  for note identification, key signatures, intervals, chords both on staff and on the keyboard
  • Lessons about basic theoretical concepts, rhythm, scales, intervals and chords

EZ Music Theory – This website has detailed descriptions of theoretical concepts plus suggestions for useful software, exercises, how to practice concepts and where to find more information. It also has an ear training section. This one is more descriptive than interactive.

Reading music is essential. Using the links and games below can make learning read music fun. Enjoy!

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